Wood-Mizer Releases Heavy Duty EG800 Board Edger & Multirip

Wood-Mizer has released a new TITAN EG800 Manual Board Edger, a truly versatile machine designed to offer a twofold solution to small and medium-sized sawmills needing a more efficient processing.

New Blades Laser Engraving and Packaging

Wood-Mizer has completed the implementation of a new system of marking bandsaw blades. New technology is quicker, which will improve not only our blades production process but also will enable customers to more easily identify their blades and specifications.

At LIGNA 2019 Wood-Mizer Presented a Wide Range of new Machinery Capable of Converting Logs into Boards and then into Finished Products.

At LIGNA 2019 Wood-Mizer strengthened its reputation as a leading manufacturer offering machines for both small workshops and industrial enterprises for primary and secondary wood processing. Wood-Mizer equipment gives every company the opportunity to benefit in difficult competitive markets, to find new niche markets while saving valuable wood and energy.

Wood-Mizer TITAN HR4000 and HR6000 Resaw Range

Wood-Mizer’s TITAN HR4000 and HR6000 resaws are available in a single or twin-blade configuration and offer ultra-fast size changes during the resawing process. Both units are equipped with an electric servo sizing system that allows for on-the-fly size changes.


Several TITAN machines bridge the gap between narrowband and wideband technologies in the small to medium sized sawmilling sector. This allows for a sawmilling solution that gives sawmillers the flexibility to either run wideband profiles for more performance, or narrow band profiles for those looking for a simpler blade maintenance process.

Wood-Mizer releases MF130 Multifunctional Vertical Spindle Moulder

The MF130 is the answer when you need more flexibility to produce many varieties of unique products in your workshop. Designed for ultimate versatility, you can use the MF130 for straight moulding, curved moulding, routering, tenoning and more!

Wood-Mizer Resaw Solutions

Wood-Mizer has a full range of resaw solutions available for entry level through to industrial scale sawmilling operations.

Wood-Mizer to present new machinery at Ligna 2019

Wood-Mizer Industries, the global company’s European Headquarters based in Poland, has a long-standing presence at the LIGNA woodworking show held every other year in Hannover, Germany. At the event, Wood-Mizer Industries showcases a broad range of wood processing equipment available through their established distribution network.

Wood-Mizer To Present Sawmilling & Woodworking Machinery At Scotland Open House 2019

The annual Wood-Mizer's Open House is a unique opportunity to discover new products, get to know current promotions, share experiences with other Wood-Mizer’s owners and meet local sawmillers and Wood-Mizer representatives.

Wood-Mizer Multirip Circular Blades

Wood-Mizer’s selection of multirip saw blades for solid wood covers just about every sawing application - for wet or dry softwoods and hardwoods, as well as tropical hardwoods and panels. Wood-Mizer’s multirip blades are covered with anti-adhesive coating, which protects the blade against surface build up. Treated multirip blades deliver higher durability and have an antifriction coating that is dust and heat resistant.

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