Wood-Mizer TITAN HR4000 and HR6000 Resaw Range.

TITAN HR4000 and HR6000 resaws are on the top of Wood-Mizer's industrial scale equipment.

Wood-Mizer’s TITAN HR4000 and HR6000 resaws are available in a single or twin-blade configuration and offer ultra-fast size changes during the resawing process. Both units are equipped with an electric servo sizing system that allows for on-the-fly size changes. As little as 0.3 seconds is needed to change the size for each and every sideboard (depending on thickness), even when feeding at over 20 pieces per minute (depending on board length). As a result, optimal recovery is achieved, unlocking extra product that previously would have gone to waste.

Importantly, no sorting of material is needed prior to this machine.

Both the TITAN HR4000 and TITAN HR6000 models are equipped with heavy-duty feed systems. With its larger 4-inch (101mm) and 6-inch (152mm) blades, the TITAN HR4000 and HR6000 are capable of faster feed speeds. The units offer feed speeds of between 60 and 80 m/min. Throat widths vary between 430 and 450 mm. Springset, swaged or stellite-tipped blades can be used on both units.

A slatted-chain in and outfeed bed, provide an aggressive surface that can receive and transport material through the head in large and consistent volumes. Heavy duty overhead in and outfeed rollers assist with the process and also ensure that the material is squarely driven through the head for an accurately cut end product.

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