New Blades Laser Engraving and Packaging

By Paulina Lewandowska, Public Relations Specialist

We are happy to inform that Wood-Mizer has completed the implementation of a new system of marking bandsaw blades. Beginning on the 8th of April 2019, all blades produced by Wood-Mizer Industries in Koło are now marked using a new, modern industrial grade laser. We will no longer use the dotted punch marking.

Laser Marking technology is quicker, which will improve not only our blades production process but also will enable customers to more easily identify their blades and specifications. Blades will be marked every 3 meters. The new marking system has been tested and it does not impact blade life in any way.

The new blade markings provide the following information:

• manufacturer’s name (1)

• type (2)

• width and thickness (3)

• profile (4)

• coil serial number (5)

Marking example for doubleHARD, razorTIP, biMETAL i maxFLEX shown on a sample marking of a doubleHARD blade

Marking example of silverTIP blade

In addition to the new blade marking, blade packaging has been changed too.

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