LT40new 2019 model

Save Up To £4,986 (1)

(1) with 18,5 kW Motor

Limited Time Only or While Stock Lasts


  • 15 kW Motor (18.5 kW + £205)
  • M Bed
  • Debarker
  • AH3 Hydraulic Package
  • 4th Side Support
  • Power Roller
  • 50 cm Bed Extension
  • Angled Bed Rails
  • Spare Parts Kit(2)

(2) Spare parts kit: 20 x Bi-Metal Standard blade, 4 x belt B57, 2 x roller 088261


Promotional LT40 Sawmill


Box of blades

20 x Bi-Metal Standard blade



4 x belt B57



2 x roller 088261


£22,500 / £22,714 (3)
Save: £4,941 / £4,986 (3)

(3) with 18.5 kW Motor, no delivery cost included

The LT40 Sawmill is the backbone of thousands of successful wood processing businesses worldwide. It is ruggedly constructed to withstand demanding working conditions while delivering consistent timber production. This legendary mill is well known for producing quality lumber and turning dreams into reality. Engineered to be productive and easy-to-use, this mill is perfect for sawmillers who mean business.

AH3 Hydraulic Package

3+1 side supports, clamp, turner, 1 toe board roller, 1 power roller on 2 hydraulic cylinders, log loader

Cutting Capacity

Max. Log Lenght - 6.8 m for M bed with 50 cm extension
Max. Log Diameter - 90 cm
Max. Width of Cut - 72 cm

More info...

This specific LT40 configuration that is on discount lets the operator handle logs very effectively - load, turn, level, clamp and move the log forwards and backwards with ease. The AH3 Hydraulic package is upgraded to include several helpful hydraulic features - an additional steel rod supporting the log clamp, a power roller to easily adjust the log position length-wise, and a 4th Side Support provides additional support for longer logs that can be difficult to clamp securely. Included on this model is the Debarker, which clears a path in front of where the blade enters the cut, maximizing your blade's cutting life. A 50 cm bed extension also is included so you can cut longer logs than the standard LT40.

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    2 Year Warranty on All our LT and LX Sawmills.
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LT40 Sawmill shown in the video has different configuration to the sawmill on sale.


4 Side Supports

Bed Extension

Power Roller

Clamp on 2 rods

Angled Bed Rails

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