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Promotion valid until 30th November 2019

The LT15START is the ideal affordable sawmill for straightforward timber processing with sturdy construction and simple features. Woodworkers, farmers, furniture makers, and builders who want to save money by producing their own sawn timber from logs will find that the LT15START will exceed their expectations for an entry-level sawmill.

Cutting capacity

Max. Log length - 5.4m*
Max. Log Diameter - 70cm
Max. width of cut - 64cm


Standard - 5.5kW Electric
Optional - 7.5kW Electric, 11kW Electric, 14HP Petrol

*In order to cut longer logs, bed extensions can be added to extend the sawmill bed to any required cutting length.

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Sawmill Head Features


  • Manual Crank Up / Down
  • Water Lubrication
  • System Blade Tension
  • Adjustable blade guide arm
  • Push feed system
  • Belted cast steel blade wheels


  • Chain Electric Up / Down

Sawmill Bed Features


  • Three log clamps
  • Six side supports
  • 1 Log taper wedge
  • Three bed sections


  • 1.95 m Bed sectionn
  • 2.7 m Bed section
  • Log loading ramps
  • Cant Hook
  • MP100/150 planer/moulder

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