DIY: Wood Sink and Countertop for Farmhouse

By Chase Warner, Wood-Mizer Contributing Author

Eric Means used a black walnut tree to mill 1,2 m3 of slabs for a unique wood farmhouse sink and countertop.

Many Wood-Mizer owners do unique interior projects from wood. Eric Means is one of DIY people. When a 90 cm diameter black walnut tree was cut down by the electric company, Eric Means realized the potential value and was determined to salvage the wood. “I milled it with my Wood-Mizer hydraulic LT40 and ended up with beautiful slabs,” said Eric.

After seeing 1,2 m3 board milled out of the single black walnut log, Eric said the idea for a countertop and sink just came to him. “After air drying, I handcrafted my countertop and sink out of the slabs,” said Eric. Eric did all the squaring, gluing, doweling, routing, and finishing to create the 3 m x 60 cm x 53 cm countertop and unique wood farmhouse sink.

With a wife that kept him motivated, Eric completed the counter and sink in just a few weekends and said it turned out better than he expected. “Everyone who has seen it has absolutely loved it,” said Eric. “I have had quite a few people want me to do counter tops in their houses after seeing mine. Thanks Wood-Mizer! I couldn’t have done it without my mill.”

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