Welcome to Wood-Mizer UK

   Welcome to Wood-Mizer, the world's leading producer of thin kerf band sawmills and ancillary wood processing equipment. Reflecting quality and expert workmanship, over 40 000 of its machines operate worldwide. They range from small, simple, attractively priced sawmills for farmers, estate owners and craftsmen through mid-range 'workhorse' mills for entrepreneurs or private businesses to industrial scale sawmills. The industrial mills, in particular slash by half the cost of conventional sawmills but achieve the same output. Most Wood-Mizer customers' income derives from the broad selection of sawmills, equipment and blades which continue to help individuals launch their own wood processing businesses. Worldwide (in 220 countries) timber mills, wood-processing plants and other wood-industry companies place their trust in Wood-Mizer.

   Wood-Mizer is the only sawmill producer making its own blades. It soon became evident when it began manufacturing sawmills that improvements in blades quality and performance were needed. Result: revolutionary development in thin kerf, narrow band technology. More lumber, less sawdust, faster cutting, using less power. Lower energy costs, less noise and pollution, less maintenance. Wood-Mizer continues to enhance blade manufacture, developing its own CBN grinder and computerised setter. Recently, dedicated blades manufacturing lines in its European and American manufacturing centres were increased.

If you are looking for a sawmill for personal or professional use in the UK and Ireland,
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