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Wood-Mizer’s knowledge of customer needs in international markets has delivered a sawmill that is the best that both narrow- and wide-band technologies have to offer. 

Wood-Mizer’s WB2000 features heavy-duty construction, low maintenance requirements, and efficient operation. Electronic setworks and a raised operator control station allow a single operator to manage all sawing and hydraulic log handling functions while maintaining a clear view of his work. The advanced PLC setworks are displayed on a 19cm HMI touch-screen which presents board and cant sizes along with current head height, feed position, and blade power. 

The heavily constructed bed has a log capacity of up to 6 tonnes. The twin C-channel steel beams that make up the frame are massive – 400mm tall by 110mm wide. All hydraulic log handling functions - such as the log clamps, chain turners, and power rollers - are modular, and can be moved to different bunks as needed. 

The WB2000 is equally used as a standalone sawmill to process all required materials, or as an addition to an existing business to process irregular logs or to produce custom orders that the existing equipment is not suited for.


Touch Screen

Advanced touch-screen setworks
Wood-Mizer’s most powerful industrial PLC setworks system.

Operator station

Operator station
Standard raised platform gives operator clear view of work.

Heavy Duty Bed

Heavy duty bed
6 tonne max. log capacity.

Chain turner

Bi-directional chain turner
Quickly turn and position large logs.

Wide throat

Wide cutting throat
Capacity to cut a 900 wide log in half.

Power Roller

Power roller toeboards
Position the log on the sawing bed and remove cants quickly. 

WB2000 video

WB2000 Customer Videos


 Standard 22 kW electric
 Options 30 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
 Diameter 1 m
 Max. width of cut 900 mm
 Max. log weight 6 tonnes
S Bed
 Length 5.2 m
 - with board removal
4.5 m
M Bed
 Length 8.2 m
 - with board removal
7.5 m
Sawmill Head Features & Options
 Standard Industrial PLC Setworks
Power feed
Electric blade guide arm
Automatic blade lubrication
Roller & double block blade guides
Laser sight
Hydraulic blade tension system
Hydraulic pump - 7.5 kW (10hp) 27 l/min (9gpm)
 Optional Debarker
Adjustable Blade Speed 22-30 m/sec
Multi-camera monitoring system
Sawmill Bed Features & Options
 Standard 1 Clamp
Bi-directional chain turners
2 Vertical side supports
2 Power roller toeboards
Cant Hold-downs
Board removal conveyor
 Optional Stop block
Loading arms
Enclosed operator cab
Bed extension 5.9m
Blade Sharpener
Blade Roll Bench
 Tables (optional) Log Deck 3.6 x 1.5 m (for S Bed)
Log Deck 3.6 x 2 x 1.5 m (for M Bed)
Log Deck 6.0 x 1.5 m (for S Bed)
Incline Conveyor
Transfer Deck
 Length 6 m
 Width 90 mm
 Blade Wheel diameter 800 mm
 Blade wheel material Belted cast steel

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WB2000 wideband sawmill is Polish sawmiller's 10th Wood-Mizer!

WB2000 wideband sawmill is Polish sawmiller's 10th Wood-Mizer!

The WB2000 PRO became the 10th Wood-Mizer sawmill purchased by Drewmex in southern Poland. The owner, Ryszard Górski, reveals why he is so attached to the Wood-Mizer brand.