Twin Blade Edger

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The EG100 twin-blade edger is designed to be an affordable solution for sawmillers to boost their productivity.

Two circular blades are provided standard, one is fixed, and the other adjustable. A removable board fence makes it easy to trim boards that already have one straight side.

The EG100 breaks down into a compact configuration for shipment.


EG100 Engine

Main Electric Motor
7.5 kW electric motor is standard.

EG100 Manual blade adjustment

Manual blade adjustment
Easily and precisely adjust the distance between the blades to produce accurately-sized timber.

EG100 Hold-down rollers

Hold-down rollers
Infeed and outfeed rollers keep the boards straight during edging.

EG100 Two circular blades

Two circular blades

EG100 Metric scale

Metric scale

EG100 Video


Standard 7.5 kW Electric Motor
Optional 14 HP Gas Engine
Cutting Dimensions
Max. Feed Width 520 mm
Max. Cutting Width 300 mm
Min. Cutting Width 40 mm
Max. Cutting Thickness 50 mm
Feed Speed
Electric version Variable 0-14 m/min
Gas version 9 m/min
Circular Blade 250 mm
No. blades 2

Latest Success Stories

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The WM1000 - a big sawmill for big logs

Five years ago, Wood-Mizer released a revolutionary sawmill designed to facilitate the sawing of large diameter logs up to 1.7 meters in diameter. The affordable price, durable construction, and simple maintenance and operation made the sawmill an attractive choice for companies dealing with large diameter logs from all over the world. 2016 was a record-breaking year for WM1000 sales - 30 units were sold to North America alone!

Using the WM1000, large logs can be slabbed through and through, sawn in half, quartered, or broken down into cants for resawing. The operator controls all cutting functions while standing on a platform that moves with the head. The WM1000 also features thinner kerf blades than other large-log sawing methods, resulting in higher timber yields, more cutting precision and a smoother surface finish.

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Here are just a few of the many companies using the WM1000 to process their large logs:

Cook Woods
Oregon - USA

Cook Woods offers 250 different timber species that are sourced from all over the world. At the centre of the business is a Wood-Mizer WM1000 industrial sawmill with a fully hydraulic bed, which can handle logs up to 12 m long and 1.7 m in diameter.

Some of the woods they cut are extremely rare, so every fraction of an inch can mean the difference between making money and losing money on a certain product.

“I can cut a slab for a conference table — that used to take over an hour to mill with a chainsaw — in a little over a minute,” shares owner Chris Cook. “Chainsaw mills are rough-cut at best and generally wipe out ¾” (19 mm) or more with kerf and chatter during a cut. Our Wood-Mizer WM1000 is laser leveled over the entire track.”

Kamuela Hardwoods
Kamuela, Hawaii

Most building materials on the Hawaiian Islands are imported from overseas. But Kamuela Hardwoods processes only locally-sourced timber, supplying islander woodworkers, builders, and even instrument makers. Kamuela Hardwoods has the unique ability to provide “rainforest hardwood” species that were planted locally rather than from rain forests half a world away.

“We used an Alaskan chainsaw mill, but it produced massive waste,” said owners Josh Greenspan and Alex Woodbury. “It was also dangerous and required inefficient use of our labour.”

Alex and Josh installed a Wood-Mizer LT70 and a WM1000 sawmill along with a Wood-Mizer EG200 twin-blade edger in order to expand. “We’re dealing with tropical urban canopy trees with massive base logs and limbs,” said Josh. “Having the pair of big sawmills allows us to break down base logs with the WM1000 and mill up the rest on the LT70 - there is very little wasted material.”

Kamuela Hardwoods regularly mills more than 40 different species of trees ranging from softwoods to some of the hardest and most dense tropical woods in the world. “For extremely hard tropical hardwoods, Wood-Mizer’s RazorTip blades work best,” said Alex.


Copford Farm
United Kingdom

The father/son team of Alex and Harry Gingell diversified their farm activities to include sawmilling many years ago. They started by offering mobile sawmill services, and now that they are well-established, they specialise in custom cutting oak to the requirements of local builders.

Smaller diameter straight logs were easily cut on their LT40 sawmill, but large diameter logs had to be cut in half with a chainsaw. There was a clear need for a larger capacity sawmill, and they soon decided to install a WM1000.

 “It’s a huge sawmill but easy to operate,” said Harry. “In addition to being faster we are getting much higher yield from bigger logs. Accuracy is spot on and the surface finish is excellent. We have had very good feedback from customers”.

The fact that it is a horizontal bandsaw was a definite benefit, since it could be installed easily and cheaply on a flat surface rather than requiring a pit like a vertical bandsaw, and could therefore be moved without problem if they decided to rearrange the mill layout in the future.

Goby Walnut
Oregon - USA

In the Pacific Norwest region of the USA, Goby Walnut uses a Wood-Mizer sawmill to process diseased and dead walnut and other large diameter timber species.

“The WM1000 allows us to buy big logs and handle them efficiently with minimum saw kerf,” said owner Art Blumenkron. “Many urban logs come from special one-of-a-kind 100 to 400-year-old huge trees that demand special equipment like the WM1000 to maximize yield.”

Vancouver Urban Timberworks
British Columbia - Canada

In British Columbia, Canada , Danny Hagge and Eric Savics of Vancouver Urban Timberworks utilize their Wood-Mizer WM1000 sawmill to produce live-edge slabs and custom wood furniture from locally salvaged, large diameter timber. 

With the WM1000, large diameter urban sourced logs can be sawed into half, quarters, or cut into manageable cants for resawing. The WM1000 was a good fit for the move forward Vancouver Urban Timberworks wanted to achieve as a business.  “Before the WM1000, it seems that a lot of companies were refurbishing really old saws and old carriage mills, with some interesting equipment fabrications being done,” says Danny. “So when the WM1000 came out, everyone in the slab industry was really excited—it is an affordable, quality, great production mill for a medium volume business.”

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The WM1000 is a solution for companies looking to affordably extract the maximum value out of big logs. Click to request a detailed quote for a WM1000 here.

WM1000 Specs:
22 kW electric motor (30 kW & 37 kW optional)
Log length – Limited only by rail length
Log diameter – 1.7 m (some configurations have different maximum diameter specification)
Maximum cut width – 1.7 m
Main features:
 - Ride along operator station
 - Electronic setworks
 - Power feed
Optional features:
 - Manual log bed
 - Hydraulic log bed