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Wood-Mizer News

Friday, January 19, 2018

Wood-Mizer Germany celebrates historic sales achievement - 5,000 Sawmills Sold!

Last year, the Wood-Mizer Germany branch recorded the sale of 5,000 sawmills, a record that took many years of effort and dedication to their market to achieve.

“I am convinced that Wood-Mizer Sawmills, with all their advantages—ease of operation, high-quality sawing, wood and energy savings, and the low cost of blade maintenance—are an excellent solution for any community who wants to utilize their timber to the best of their ability,” shares Wood-Mizer Germany director, Klaus Longmuss.

“In every village, there is someone who would like to saw his own wood for the benefit of his community,” Klaus continues. “If you need to cut down one or two old trees, there is an opportunity to saw them on-site and turn them into valuable lumber that can be used to build or sell—so the wood gets a second life.”

The Wood-Mizer Germany branch is has always made a steadfast commitment to ecology and long-lasting relationships with customers. The branch was opened in a restored 18th century home in 1995, and currently employs 25 sawmill salespeople, servicemen and women, blade production and maintenance specialists, and sawmill technicians.

“Wood-Mizer owners in Germany often use sawmills for small-scale tasks or side jobs,” Klaus explains. “Therefore, our busiest hours are afternoons, when our customers call with questions and needs.” The success of the branch is thanks to their tireless efforts to assist customers at any hour of the day—morning, afternoon, or after normal business hours.

The Wood-Mizer Germany branch hosts a customer day at their office in Schletau every year, and again will be held this year on June 30th, 2018. Twice a year, the company issues the Wood-Mizer Aktuell, sharing new sawmilling solutions and successful Wood-Mizer projects around the country. 

The Germany team received a memorial plaque from Wood-Mizer’s European Headquarters that congratulated them on their outstanding sales achievement. Only a few minutes later, Wood-Mizer Germany sold one more sawmill, making their total 5,001. 



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