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Wood-Mizer News

Friday, February 16, 2018

Create Octagon-Shaped Beams with New Sawmill Bed Attachment

You can now easily produce octagonal timber beams and other shapes with your sawmill!
The new Octagon-Beam attachment simply bolts onto the sawmill bed rail (2 units required. More
may be needed depending on cant length and thickness). Square cants are placed inside and secured
with the included clamp. Depending on the final shape required and the size of the cant, the sawmill
head is lowered to the correct position and cuts off one corner of the cant. The cant is turned 90
degrees, and the process is continued three additional times, removing the four corners to produce
the octagon-shaped beam.

This simple attachment will provide sawmillers extra variety in the types of final products available
to customers, without a large investment in an additional machine.

Part #: 520495



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