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Articles & Stories

Great oaks from little acorns grow - Engineer uses LT40 to...

Ben Pike meets engineer-turned-carpenter Paul Grainger who has spent 20 years building a thriving business with a Wood-Mizer LT40 at the heart of the operation.

Wood-Mizer’s new twin rail LX450 sawmill transforms a sawmill in...

A Wood-Mizer LX450 twin rail sawmill in South Africa helps increase the company’s output more than expected.

Family tree farm reaping rewards of sustainable forest management...

Marco, Mario, and Mara run one of the largest private sustainable hardwood plantations in the Philippines, MARSSE Tropical Timber, promoting sustainable timber and modern...

Turning illegally-logged timber into 146,000 school desks

How the Philippines developed a plan to salvage illegally-logged timber that was left rotting after being apprehended by authorities, using the valuable timber to produce...

How one small sawmill can be a catalyst for positive change in the...

Glen Chapman tells how one small sawmill in Congo has provided opportunity to improve lives in amazing ways.

Scottish tree surgeon scales back to focus on work he enjoys

Choosing to downsize his successful tree surgeon business, Sandy Crook is freed up to pursue work he is passionate about – building unique furniture and wood products.

More music from sustainably harvested wood in Spain

Madinter supplies sustainably harvested high-density wood for quality flamenco guitars, violins, and other stringed instruments.

How to - Uncoil Sawmill Bandsaw Blades

Uncoiling bandsaw blades needs to be done correctly. Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to proper blade handling.

How to - Coil Sawmill Bandsaw Blades

Coiling bandsaw blades needs to be done correctly. Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to proper blade handling.

The Building of Noah’s Ark - the full story

One of Wood-Mizer’s smallest sawmills was used to cut 50% of the timber for the world’s largest freestanding timber frame structure – a Biblically-sized reconstruction of...


Welcome to the stories and articles section of our website.

Here you will discover how Wood-Mizer sawmill owners in the UK and worldwide are actively growing local economies by processing wood more sustainably and profitably. 

I invite you to contact me for any questions about these articles. 

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